Ways to write a good novel

4 Ways to Revise as You Write

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5 ways to start a story: Choosing a bold beginning

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Ready to Write a Novel?

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That’s the framework within which you write your novel. Now, different lines may have more specific expectations than this (for example, if you’re writing a Harlequin Suspense, the editors will expect you to hit a specific word count and to have a certain type of plot) but this is where you start.

Thank you for this list – tremendously helpful! Pinning them to my wall as we speak! #s 4 and 6 are especially good. Especially when I’m going to sleep at night or waking up in the morning, I find visualizing myself writing or picturing the scene either cements a few phrases in my mind or gives me the motivation to get up and have at it.

Winner of the M-Net Book Prize Shortlisted for the CNA and Noma Awards. In Ways of Dying, Zakes Mda's acclaimed first novel, Toloki is a "professional mourner" in a vast and violent city of the new South redoakpta.com after day he attends funerals in the townships, dressed with dignity in a threadbare suit, cape, and battered top hat, to comfort the.

11 thoughts on “ 7 Ways to Create a Killer Opening Line For Your Novel ” KGPetrone September 18, at am I actually took your advice and the difference in my opening line was amazing. Really nice way to approach writing a novel. It seems like it's so easy for writing advice to fall into the realm of EITHER "you should do it this way" OR "you shouldn't do it this way." Nice to hear how you cover a lot of ground while repeatedly pointing out both the good and the bad of each method.

November The world needs your novel. Write a novel in a month! Track your progress. Get pep talks and support.

Ways to write a good novel
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